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Gold Coast Double 63.3km

Take on 2 races over 2 days!

Run the Gold Coast Double 63.3km to earn some extra bling!

Compete in the ASICS Half Marathon on Saturday and the Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon on Sunday and celebrate your awesome achievement of endurance with an extra medal.

You will also receive all your finisher rewards for the ASICS Half Marathon and Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon.

Race Information

Distance 63.2925km (21.0975km & 42.195km)
Date Saturday 2 July 2022 & Sunday 3 July 2022
Recommended arrival time 5:00am
Start time (Saturday & Sunday) 6:00am
Minimum age 18
Fee $325 – 15 Feb-31 May (Half Marathon – $145 / Marathon – $180)
$365 – 1 June-1 July (Half Marathon – $165 / Marathon – $200)
Cut off time Half Marathon – 3 hours 20 minutes; Marathon – 6 hours 40 minutes. (Policies and etiquette)



63.3 Contenders

as at 24/05/22 9:00am

Russell Adams
Trent Aldous
Grace Perez Arceo
Bree Bailey
Jodi Beck
Karen Bell
Phil Black
Dean Brewer
Krystal Brown
Melissa Brown
Malcolm Bruce
Guillermo Cabeza
Rene Chappel
Yiu Wa Cheng
Stephen Cooper
Andrew Costello
Jason Currie
Adam Curtis
Mark D’Altera
Meranda Day
Russell Day
Barry de Silva
Nicholas Dombroski
Belinda Donkers
Fiona Dove
Tara Ellis
Tim Ellis
Annette Ferris
Daniel Fontaine
Rob Godwin
Russ Goodwin
Jeff Gordon
Matthew Gregory
Rob Guppy
Vance Hall
Marthinus Heunis

Jessica Hewish
Paul Hewish
Sarah-Jane Hipwell
Bruce Holmes
Antony Hutchins
Ken Huynh
John White Hwang
Mick Jeffrey
Jyun-Yuan Jhang
Sam Jolley
Belinda Joy
Reeny Jurczyszyn
Jason Kerr
Des Keuken
Stephen Kibble
Stewart King
Gemma Kitson
Michelle Kozak
Simon Kozak
Wah Lam Aelam Kwok
James Leathem
Glenn Lockwood
Patrick McNamara
Jon Meeks
Kristen Miller
Makoto Miura
John Moloney
Angie Moulds
Kelly Neville
Henry Ng
Kahori Nishioka
Jensen Nydal
Tony Parry
Alice Pearson
Nick Phillips
Emily Pritchard
Tamara Raymond

Andrew Brian Reid
Fraser Reid
Fraser Rennie
Blanche Richardson
Jennifer Robertson
Ivan Roianov
Adrian Royce
Julie Anne Ryan
Lucy Schweizer Cook
David Scott
Colin Selby
Belinda Simpson
Stuart Simpson
Mark Smith
Katherine Stark
Mark Steinhardt
Georgina Stevens
Patricia Stichbury
Nicole Stirling
Ben Streckeisen
Enrique Suana
Faisal Syed Mohammed
Elvera Tandog
Gina Thomson
Joel Townsend
Eric Trieu
Brian Upton
Mark Upton
Chantel Venn
Asher Wales
Richard Warncke
Gary Weber
Craig Whiting
Michael Wilkie
Deb Willows
Natalie Wood

Course maps

ASICS Half Marathon – Saturday 2 July – 6:00am start

Half Marathon Course

Runners pass through Surfers Paradise

Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon – Sunday 3 July – 6:00am start

Marathon Course

How to enter the Gold Coast Double 63.3km

To enter the Gold Coast Double 63.3 event select the “Enter another race” option on your summary page after completing your first registration in either the ASICS Half Marathon or the Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon.

Already entered one event?

If you have already registered and wish to enter a second event please complete the registration form for your second entry adding a middle initial to your first name. If you do not have a middle initial please feel free to choose any alphabet letter you like.  As an example, first entry – John Smith, second entry – John F Smith. 

Other possible double entry combinations

Saturday – 5km Fun Run, Sunday  Marathon
Saturday  Half Marathon, Sunday  10km Run
Saturday  Half Marathon, Saturday  5km Fun Run
Saturday – 5km Fun Run, Sunday  10km Run
Saturday – 4km Junior Dash, Sunday – 10km Run (only available to those aged 12, 13 or 14)  

Please note due to timing, you will be unable to enter both the Marathon and 10km events.