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Meet Bonza! The Gold Coast Marathon Mascot

G’day fellow runners!

I’m Bonza the bearded dragon, your mascot for the Gold Coast Marathon. 

Like all bearded dragons, I love to run!

In July 2019, as I was kicking back on my favourite rock at Miami Beach, I was inspired by thousands from all over the world running up and down my beautiful coastline and thought ‘you little rippers!”.

I normally hibernate during the cooler months, but I knew this race was one-of-a-kind and I had to be a part of the good times.

But, if I wanted to become the first bearded dragon to run at the Gold Coast Marathon, I’d have to stop bludging and take a break from chilling with my surfing buddies and start training.

Luckily for me, I’m a gifted runner. You see, after I was born, instead of running around on four legs like my siblings, I ran flat out like a lizard drinking around Burleigh Head National Park on my hind-legs.

It didn’t take me long to find a local running group who enjoy the thrill of running as much as me.

I’ve been clocking up plenty of kilometres on the beautiful beachfront in perfect conditions along the marathon route and now I’m ready to join you and run for the good times!

If you see me out and about over race weekend, don’t be shy!

I’ll be stoked to give you a high-five or grab a selfie as you cross the finish line. 

All the best with your training and look forward to seeing you at the 44th Gold Coast Marathon!