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Start Zones

2024 Start line locations

Start zones will be in place at the start line of each race to ensure a smooth start for all participants. Entrants are asked to assemble in the appropriate zone as indicated by the letter printed on their race number. If you wish to run with friends or family who are starting in a different start zone, you may start in a slower zone than that printed on your race number. Please be aware that anyone found deliberately running out of their designated start zone may be disqualified without a race result.

All start zone selections and updates are done when completing your race entry and must be made prior to entries closing. If you need to update your start zone please do so via the Update your Entry Portal.

2024 Start Zones:

Zone ASICS Gold Coast Marathon  Half Marathon Southern Cross University 10km Run Gold Coast Airport
Seeded (elite) Sub 2:25 (M) & 2:55 (F) Sub 1:08 (M) & 1:20 (F) Sub 32 (M) &  38 (F) mins Sub 17 (M) & 19 (F) mins
Priority (sub-elite) Sub 2:38 (M) & 3:08 (F) Sub 1:16 (M) & 1:28 (F) Sub 37 (M) & 43 (F) mins Sub 19 (M) & 21 (F) mins
A 2:40hrs – 3:00hrs 1:16hrs – 1:50hrs 37mins – 50mins 19mins – 25mins
B 3:00hrs – 3:30hrs 1:50hrs – 2:00hrs 50mins – 1:00hr 25mins – 30mins
C 3:30hrs – 4:00hrs 2:00hrs – 2:10hrs 1:00hr – 1:10hrs 30mins – 45mins
D 4:00hrs – 4:30hrs 2:10hrs – 2:20hrs 1:10hrs – 1:40hrs 45mins – 1:10hrs
E 4:30hrs – 6:40hrs 2:20hrs – 3:20hrs

ASICS Gold Coast Marathon

Half Marathon

Southern Cross University 10km Run

Gold Coast Airport 5km

Update to the Gold Coast Airport 5km start process

We are excited to welcome over 3500 runners into the Gold Coast Airport 5km this year. To space people out along the course and make your walk or run more enjoyable, we are implementing some changes to your race start.

All Gold Coast Airport 5km participants will line up at the start line in their start zones as normal.

Seeded, Priority, Start zone A & B will start at 10.30am – there is no change for this group. Start Zone C move forward to the start line, and will start 2 minutes after the last runner from Start Zone B has begun.

Similarly, Start Zone D will move forward to the to the start line, and 2 minutes after the last runner from Start Zone C has begun.

All entrants will have 70 minutes to complete their Gold Coast Airport 5km. Results will be based off your net time i.e. the time it takes you to complete the 5km distance from when you cross the start line until when you cross the finish line.

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