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Aid Stations, Personal Refreshments & Medical

In addition to meeting strict industry safety standards, International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Gold Label criteria and Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) membership guidelines, the Gold Coast Airport Marathon goes above and beyond in ensuring safety for all involved.

From advanced medical scanning technology and GPS tracking to forward-thinking traffic management and detailed aid station assistance, the event continually aims to employ innovative and ground-breaking safety measures.

Aid Stations

Marathon Half Marathon 10km Run 5.7km Challenge 4km Junior Dash
2.5km (WS) 2.5km (WS) 2.5km (WS) 2km (WS) 2km (WS)
 5.5km (RS) 4km (RS) 5.5km (RS) 4km (WS)
 8km (WS) 7km (WS) 8km (RS)
 10.5km (RS) 9.5km (RS)
 12.5km (WS) 11.5km (WS)
 15.5km (RS) 14.5km (RS)
 17km (WS) 16.5km (WS)
 20km (RS) 19km (RS)
 22km (WS)
 25.5km (RS)
 28km (WS)
 30.5km (RS) + Gels
 32.5km (WS)
 34km (WS)
 35.5km (RS)
 37.5km (WS)
 40km (RS)
  • Refreshment stations (RS): Personal refreshments, lemon and lime Endura Rehydration Performance Fuel and water
  • Water stations (WS): Water only
  • Please discard all cups and gel sachets in the pink bags provided at the aid stations to help minimise our environmental footprint

Electrolyte Drink


Endura Sports Nutrition is the official supplier of on course hydration for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon.

Lemon and lime flavoured Endura Rehydration Performance Fuel will be available at aid stations and the Nu-Pure Recovery Area.

Endura gels (various flavours) will also be supplied at the 30km aid station in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon.

Endura Rehydration Formula is designed to improve your performance through the rapid replacement of fluid and electrolytes. It is recommended that if you plan to use the lemon and lime Endura Rehydration Formula on race day, you should ‘train’ with this product prior to the event.

Read Training for a marathon with Endura. Visit for more information.

First Aid

On Course

For medical attention on course, please report to an aid station, race marshal or identified medical personnel for assistance.

The last table of the H2.5km, 15km, 20km, 25km, 30km, 32.5km, 35km, 37.5km, 40km and H14.5km aid stations are ‘self-service’ tables with basic first aid supplies such as Band-Aids and Vaseline. A first aider will be located at each aid station throughout the course to help assist and identify participants that require medical treatment.

St John first aid responders provide support to all runners on bicycles throughout the course on Sunday 2 July. First aid responders monitor participants within their designated zones and administer first aid where appropriate. Athlete Support Vehicles (ASV) are a means of transport for participants that are unable to complete their chosen race due to injury. Each ASV is equipped to treat basic first aid and resourced with a St John first aid responder who will assess and refer.

Race Precinct

The First Aid Tent is located on the Main Event Lawn adjacent to the Event Information Booth

The Medical Centre is located within the Nu Pure Recovery Area and is staffed by Gold Coast University Hospital personnel including an Intensive Care Director, doctors and nurses. Major medical surgeries can be performed here if required.

The Physiotherapy Tent is located within the Nu Pure Recovery Area (only operates on Sunday)


Ambulances will be located along the course and within the race precinct.

Important information for interstate and international participants:

Queensland Ambulance Service has confirmed their policy on costs for interstate and international participants who use the ambulance service at the 2017 Gold Coast Airport Marathon. There are two service distinctions:

  1. If a local, interstate or international participant is transported to the Race Precinct medical centre, there will be no charge.
  2. If an interstate or international participant is transported offsite (to their choice of private or public hospital) they will be charged by Queensland Ambulance Service direct. Depending on the patient’s condition, they will be transported to the most suitable tertiary hospital, which also includes Brisbane hospitals and could include an air service. This service would be free for Queensland residents. Participants are made aware of the charges if their medical condition allows for the understanding of the transport costs. Some states have reciprocal arrangements with Queensland as do some private health funds. Participants are urged to check with their state ambulance service or private health fund to see if they would be covered for ambulance transport in Queensland. Participants will be asked by QAS officers prior to travel should they wish to proceed knowing the charge (this only applies to responsive participants).

Nu-Pure Recovery Area

After crossing the finish line, you will enter the Nu-Pure Recovery Area which is restricted to participants only. Within this area you will find lemon and lime Endura Rehydration Performance Fuel, Nu-Pure water, Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit, other fruit and a medical centre.

It is here you will be rewarded for your efforts with a commemorative medal and a finishers shirt if you completed the Gold Coast Airport Marathon, ASICS Half Marathon or Southern Cross University 10km Run.

Personal Refreshments

Seeded and Priority Start Runners

Personal refreshments will be distributed to refreshment stations for seeded and priority start runners participating in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon only.

Personal refreshments will be available at the 5km, 10km, 15km, 20km, 25km, 30km, 35km and 40km refreshment stations.

Refreshments must be delivered to the personal refreshment expo booth located within the ASICS Sport & Leisure Expo between 9am-3pm Saturday 1 July only. Runners must collect their race number prior to delivering their personal refreshments.

All refreshments must be marked with the following information.

  • Runner’s name
  • Runner’s race number
  • Refreshment station for placement (5km, 10km etc.)
  • Gender

Runners are encouraged to mark their refreshments with a personal item, ribbon or colour for easy identification.

No metal or glass bottles will be accepted. Containers must be sealed (i.e. will not leak if laid down) and must be no more than 30cm in height.

View personal refreshment layout

Non-Seeded and Priority Start Runners

While there is no capacity to accept personal refreshments from runners (other than seeded and priority start athletes), Gold Coast Airport Marathon participants will be supplied Endura Sports Nutrition gels (mixture of flavours) at the 30.5km refreshment station as well as pineapple Endura Rehydration Performance Fuel and water.