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Gold Coast Marathon x Daisy Hill

About the Artist

Daisy Hill, a proud Muruwari woman, Aboriginal artist, wife, and mother of two, resides on Yugambeh Country, Gold Coast, QLD. She finds inspiration in the beauty of the land, sea, and sky, reflecting a passion for storytelling through her artworks. Daisy’s creative process is deeply spiritual, expressing her connections to family, spirit, culture, and Country through her paintings. Daisy describes her art as healing and purposeful, stating, “By painting these stories, I’m carrying on the traditions of my family and preserving our culture.”

Daisy’s artworks are her own interpretations and she does not paint Dreaming stories she is not a Custodian of.

You can learn more about Daisy by visiting www.daisyindots.com


Aboriginal Artist, Daisy Hill


The Gold Coast Marathon is a significant event celebrating people from all walks of life. The ‘Journey of Unity’ and ‘Many People, One Dream’ artworks were designed to capture the enduring spirit and essence of the land and this special event.

We aspire to do our best. As our footprints, the imprints of each participant are left behind, we are forever changed from this event.

The artwork highlights the beauty of our differences and celebrates our union where the land meets the sea. When we gather on this land, we are reminded that our connection to Country is also our connection to each other.

We are many people with one dream.


In the heart of Yugambeh Country where the land meets the sea, our feet gently imprint and connect us to this place. It is our connection to this land that unites us together.

The wavy lines in this piece represent movement and the special journey each person makes to join at this significant meeting place for this event.

To the left, the sun shines over the waves, symbolising growth, strength and transformation. To the right, the mountains represent resilience and profound determination to prepare for this day.

Under the sun, by the sea, we enjoy the spirit of this event. The land supports us on our journey. We come together for this remarkable experience in celebration of our resilience, determination and the unity found in shared dreams.


The essence of this design is to honour that we come together for this event as many people with one dream. Together there is a shared purpose to have fun, compete, inspire one another and make lifelong memories together.

The centrepiece of this artwork, the circles and U shapes represent unity and the beauty that lies in our different abilities and backgrounds. It celebrates diversity and the different reasons we each chose to meet here.

The footprints remind us to go gently, to respect Country and that our connection to this land is also our connection to each other. The gum leaves and shells represent the Hinterland and the seaside, mirroring the natural beauty of Yugambeh for this event. We meet together in the centre of it all with shared determination, kindness and resilience.

We are many people with one dream.

All the 2024 Gold Coast Marathon presented by ASICS medals

Aboriginal Artist, Daisy Hill

2024 ASICS Gold Coast Marathon finisher medal