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Training Resources

ASICS Runkeeper

Create an online personalised training plan with ASICS Runkeeper. ASICS Runkeeper adapts to your goals and abilities as you run and is available on desktop and mobile.

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Ask a Southern Cross University expert

Got a question about running, how to stay motivated, what to eat to maximise performance or the right shoes to wear? Ask a Southern Cross University health and exercise expert.

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Join the virtual Polar Running Club

Polar runner or not, signing up gets you the best FREE resource to help your training: run programs, expert clinics, special promotions and expert training, recovery and race tips!

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Train with Pat Carroll

Enlist four-time winner Pat Carroll as your online running coach. Pat will factor in your running ability and your availability to run. Plus, you can contact Pat as often as you wish. Check out Pat’s website below for his current discounted offer.

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Training Tips

Supplement your training with professional advice from our favourite running experts and ambassadors.

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Motivation & Goal Setting

Tackle the psychological aspect of training with our tips on staying motivated and goal setting.

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Nutrition & Hydration

Complement your training with our important guidelines and information on nutrition and hydration.

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Injury Prevention

Apply these tips to your Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon training so you stay injury-free.

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Race Week Tips

Arrive on the race start line in top shape by applying these race week tips.

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