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  • 5 running mistakes to avoid

    5 running mistakes to avoid

    Brad Beer reveals his five running mistakes to avoid when preparing for the Gold Coast Marathon.


  • The best 7-minute warm-up

    The best 7-minute warm-up

    Develop strong muscles and healthy joints by incorporating Dani Byrnes' body weighted exercises into your Gold Coast Marathon training.


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Tag: Benita Willis

5 ways to keep your training on track

Benita Willis shares her five tips to help you reaffirm your goal and get back on track as you head into the second half of your training plan.

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Setting new goals

Recovery, refocus and setting more goals

So you’ve run the Gold Coast Airport Marathon and had a wonderful run or may not have done quite as well as you would have liked. Either way, you’ve felt the post race let down, maybe had too many big nights and sleep ins. You’re ready for another challenge but what do you do?

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