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Tag: Steve Moneghetti

Tapering Your Gold Coast Marathon Training

With two weeks to go until the Gold Coast Marathon on 6-7 July, it’s important to strike a balance between keeping up your training and resting your body for peak performance on race day. Tapering is when you cut back on your training in the weeks leading into the race, allowing your body to absorb the gains from your training.

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Steve Moneghetti: The Final Word

Last-minute tips to make sure your final Gold Coast Marathon preparations are as enjoyable and trouble-free as possible.

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Steve Moneghetti: Warm-Up & Cool-Down

A proper warm up before and cool down after activity are both very important to maximise performance and enhance recovery and you should view them as an integral part of your training sessions and races.

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Steve Moneghetti: Nutrition

In the weeks leading up to the Gold Coast Marathon race weekend, it’s not a bad time to start thinking about your nutrition.

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Steve Moneghetti: Injuries

No matter what distance you’ve entered, it’s vitally important that you avoid injuries so you arrive on the Gold Coast Marathon start line in top shape.

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Steve Moneghetti: Hydration

Correct fluid intake before and after your run is critical for your performance and recovery while training for the Gold Coast Marathon.

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Steve Moneghetti: Goals

Setting a goal for the Gold Coast Marathon will ensure you have a focus for your training and motivate you to get into action quickly.

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Steve Moneghetti: Starting a training program

The most difficult aspect of any task is just having the courage to start. Beginning a running training program for the Gold Coast Marathon is no different.

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