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  • Electrolytes, gels and hydration

    Electrolytes, gels and hydration

    Endura Sports Nutrition provide tips on how to stay hydrated before, during and after your race, how and when to …

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20 Year Marathon Club

The following people have been inducted into the 20 Year Marathon Club after completing 20 Marathons:

Year Name
2017 Brian Evans Sean Swain
2016 Alan Peacock
2015 Yoshikatsu Inoue  Jimmy Gruetter
2014 Angela Grattan David Hinds Peter Large
Gary Pattrick Kevin Wild
2013 Garry Bundy John Dare
2012 Kevin Langley Michael Schultz
2011 Wayne Asher Tony Clark Peter Gibson
2010 Roger Grattan Peter Holles Takayuki Yamamoto
2009 Joan Darlington Alan Cossey Graeme Walker
Umberto Greco
2008 Allan Devine Geoffrey Williams
2006 William Kyte
2005 Peter Hall Peter McKenzie
2004 Grahame Kerruish  Brian McMillan
2003 Alison Coleman Ian (Radar) Lacey
2002 Eric Black Bill Killmore
1999 Graeme McLennan John Wishart