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  • 5 running mistakes to avoid

    5 running mistakes to avoid

    Brad Beer reveals his five running mistakes to avoid when preparing for the Gold Coast Marathon.


  • The best 7-minute warm-up

    The best 7-minute warm-up

    Develop strong muscles and healthy joints by incorporating Dani Byrnes' body weighted exercises into your Gold Coast Marathon training.


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Garmin Junior Dash Training Diaries

Fire the starter’s gun on your training by downloading our Garmin 4km Junior Dash or Garmin 2km Junior Dash training diary created by 2000 Gold Coast Marathon winner Sam Hughes.

The 10 week program is a progression to longer distances and higher intensities will prepare you for good times.

The diaries also feature expert tips on how you should prepare for the race, what to expect on race day and the best ways to recover after your run.

Download your Garmin Junior Dash training diary below.

Garmin 4km Junior Dash 2019

Download 4km Training Diary

Garmin 2km Junior Dash 2019

Download 2km Training Diary