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  • A marathon mission for Blue Hope

    A marathon mission for Blue Hope

    Brisbane friends Jodie Morgan and Wendy Kirby ran their first marathons on Sunday to raise money for the national police …


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Pace Runners

The Pat Carroll Online & Onland Pacers assist participants to their time goals in the Gold Coast Marathon, ASICS Half Marathon and Southern Cross University 10km Run. Pacers are experienced runners who aim to maintain an even pace throughout the race with the goal to have you finishing slightly faster (30 seconds or so) than your goal time.

For easy visibility, the pace runners will be carrying a colored balloon and a goal time sign high amongst the starting runners. Each pace runner will also wear a singlet with the goal time marked on the back. It’s important to know the start zone your pace runner will be in and ensure you choose the same start zone when you enter so you can start the race near your pace runner.

Each pace group will have at least two pace runners who will lead the pace (off net-time) whilst guiding & motivating you throughout the race.

Pacers will run to the ‘Net Time’ (also called ‘Chip Time’). Net Time is the time it takes you to complete the distance once you’ve crossed the start line. Note: Due to participant numbers, it may take several minutes to cross the start line after the gun is fired.

Gold Coast Marathon Pace Bands

Reach your Gold Coast Marathon, ASICS Half Marathon or Southern Cross University 10km Run goal and purchase a silicon pace band for $5.

Pace bands are available online to purchase at the time of registration. Or if you have already registered please purchase via the Update my Entry portal.

Entrants are required to collect their pace bands from the Brisbane or Gold Coast Check in Centres when collecting their race numbers. Some pace bands will be available for purchase direct from the Expo.

WIN! Sign up to a pace group at the booth for FREE and go in the draw to win an ASICS prize pack valued at $150.

Gold Coast Marathon Pace Groups 

Pace GroupBalloon ColourPositionPacers
2 hrs 50 minsLight PurpleFront of Zone ADarryl Hill
3 hrsLight BlueFront of Zone AOliver Schweizer & Kyle Weise
3 hrs 10 minsBlueMiddle of Zone AAnderson Moquiuti & Shayne Steenson
3 hrs 20 minsPinkBack of Zone ARick Quadrio & Sean Lyons
3 hrs 30 minsGreenFront of Zone BSally Matsubar & Andreas Huemer
3 hrs 40 minsWhiteMiddle of Zone BErin Wallace & Corrina Black
3 hrs 50 minsRedBack of Zone BMatt Crawford & Kylie Breeze
4 hrsBlackFront of Zone CSophie Curnow & Darren Henry
4 hrs 15 minsYellowBack of Zone CStacey Morton & Angus Hewitt
4 hrs 30 minsOrangeFront of Zone DMike Garrett & Katie Mackenzie
4 hrs 45 minsLime GreenBetween the 4:30 & 5hr pacersCraig Bibby & Carolyn Overy
5 hrsPurpleMiddle of Zone DBen Vellacott & James Poyner
CHASERBlueBack of Zone DBruce Hargreaves

ASICS Half Marathon Pace Groups

Pace GroupBalloon ColourPositionPacers
1 hr 24minsLight BlueFront of Zone AJim Turner & Simon Foster
1 hr 30 minsBlueMiddle of Zone ADamien McMahon & Jarrod Gibson
1 hr 40 minsGreenBack of Zone APat Carroll, Thanuj Kumar & Andrew Stolz
1 hr 50 minsRedMiddle of Zone BSteve Gamble, Humberto Alvarez & Megan Inge
2 hrsBlackFront of Zone CMal Grimmett, Jarrod Dempster & Scotty Roberts
2 hrs 10 minsYellowMiddle of Zone CJodie Cumner & Stephanie Heard
2 hrs 20 minsOrangeFront of Zone DHung & Kiarne Pham

Southern Cross University 10km Run Pace Groups

Pace GroupBalloon ColourPositionPacers
40 minsLight BlueFront of Zone AAnderson Moquiuti & Simon Foster
50 minsRedFront of Zone BRyan Kent & Scotty Roberts
60 minsBlackFront of Zone CRegan Tare & Jodie Cumner
1 hr 10 minsYellowFront of Zone DHayley Sinton & Wenx Hansen

Register to run in a pace group & go in the draw to win an ASICS prizepack!

While you can simply join a pace group on race day, if you register with a group in advance you can win an ASICS prize pack.

Register with a pace group by completing this form:

Want to be a pacer in 2019?

To adequately carry out the pace runner role you’ll need to be able to comfortably run the pace you’ve nominated for. You also need to be prepared to offer encouragement and motivate runners in your pack. All pace runners will receive an entry and singlet. Contact Pat Carroll for more information.

Apply for a pace runner role