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‘Ryley the Brave Team’ to run the Junior Dash event at the Gold Coast Marathon, raising awareness for DIPG

Image: The Gold Coast Bulletin. Beau and Terry Kemp and little Ryley, who tragically died from DIPG.

Article by Crystal Fox

It’s been 15 months since eight-year-old Ryley Kemp tragically died from terminal brain cancer and now his friends have come together to raise money and awareness for the “truly insidious” disease.

In 2022, Ryley was diagnosed with a deadly brain cancer called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) and given nine to 12 months to live.

On March 17 last year, after 14 months of fighting the disease, Ryley sadly passed away with his mum, Beau Kemp and dad, Terry Kemp by his side.

A group of Ryley’s friends and members of the Broadbeach community will honour his memory by participating in the 4km Junior Dash event at the Gold Coast Marathon on July 6 to raise funds for the disease.

Ms Kemp recently shared a touching post which outlined why funding was crucial to fight the disease which kills up to 30 children a year.

“Ryley lost the ability to walk, talk, use his right side, then his left,” she said.

“He then couldn’t eat, swallow liquids and his sight went.

“This cancer leaves their cognitive abilities fully intact. He knew everything that was happening, but was trapped in his body.

“Finally he lost the ability to breathe.

“Our wish, that no other child and family suffers this torture.”

Ryley was described as the “nicest kid in class” who idolised superheroes.

“He became a superhero and was showing bravery way beyond his years during his fight against this disease,” Ms Richards said.

Last year, 40 children ran for the ‘Ryley the Brave Team’ at the Gold Coast Marathon, raising $38,000 for the Run DIPG charity.

“These kids understand that Ryley and any other kids diagnosed with DIPG don’t deserve the suffering that goes with this disease,” Ms Richards said.

“It is important to keep Ryley’s memory alive for those who were closest to him but also so important to create awareness about the disease and its impacts.

“Ryley’s passing has impacted an entire community and left Ryley’s beautiful parents without their only child. I just can’t even begin to imagine their pain.”

If you would like to donate or join their team please click here Ryley the Brave in Gold Coast Marathon 2024 (grassrootz.com).

A group of friends from Broadbeach Primary are running the Junior Dash at the Gold Coast Marathon to honour Ryley Kemp, who tragically passed away last year after being diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour (DIPG). Left to right they are, Nolan Pether 9, Darcy Mackay 9, Will Emery 10, Asher Mackay 11, Addison Mackay 7. Picture Glenn Hampson

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