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Running Training and Racing Tips with Steve Moneghetti

Whether you’re heading for a start line for a 5/10/21 or 42 km race, or just looking to make the most out of your running and fitness, Australian running legend Steve Moneghetti has some wonderful tips to share to help you along your way.

Our Expert

Steve Mongehetti is a true running legend and Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon Ambassador. Describing himself as ‘runner for life’ Steve has had a distinguished career through the running distances and is still hitting 3:30 min k’s to this day! A four time Olympian and Commonwealth Games athlete and Sports Australia Hall of Fame Inductee, Steve has also dedicated an incredible amount of his time to supporting the welfare of athletes and the running community. 

Steve would have forgotten more about running than many of us will know, so do take a moment to check in on his top tips for your running, or view the full video which is well worth the listen. Steve also goes into depth to answer your running questions, as well as his best advice for approaching a race. 


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Because we’re passionate. We simply want to help people understand their body better, improve their happiness, and live a happier life. We do this through our running watches, heart rate monitors, ecosystem (Polar Flow) and content.

We’ve worked with our experts to help support the Village Roadshow Theme Parks Gold Coast Marathon to help bring you the best content to support your running journey. 

From our virtual running clinics we’ve captured running topics to help you be at your best. In this session we’re covering all you need to know about the top tips from running legend Steve Moneghetti.

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Steve’s number one running tip

“Racing is the public display of all the hard work you’ve put in. You get what you deserve. Put in the work and stand on the start line with a smile on your face”

But above all …


For the full view of our full webinar with Steve Moneghetti, see below:

Video Playlist

Regardless of the distance you are chasing, we’ve also broken the playlist into separate topics so you can easily find the most relevant content for you: 

Here you will find the specific chapter tips for the 5/10/21 or 42km distances:

Steve’s top running race tips

  1. Set a realistic pace
  2. Run 50% of your mileage in the last week, 75% the week before
  3. Don’t try anything new on race day
  4. Get familiar with the course

Steve’s important points on race pacing

In order to choose a realistic pace for your race, it’s important to ensure that you have selected this off what you are replicating in training. If you are new to race pacing, a good goal is to shoot for a good execution of your current pace, and with further training you can up the goal for your next race. 

A key part in determining this is executing a race simulation 2-3 weeks out from your race – this is also really key for mental preparation. Target distances can ideally be: 

  • 5 km: 3 km hitout, or parkrun
  • 10 km: 5 km parkrun
  • 21 km: 10+ km 
  • 42 km: 30+ km tempo

Getting your race pace correct and ensuring you can stick to it is important to “avoid hitting the wall”. You need to be very realistic about your target goal. Be smart and stick to your race pace plan, but don’t go out too hard! For 21-42K you’ll need to also ensure that you can stay hydrated and fuelled based on your plan (see our nutrition webinar for further guidelines on this). 

To help your performance on the day, it’s also important that you are aware of your heart rate zones, so this is definitely something you should be monitoring your training sessions. 

Polar’s race pace feature

One of the great features that comes with Polar running watches is “race pace”. This is a simple tool that allows you to plug in your target time and distance. Your pacing goals are then automatically created giving you a simple dashboard to glance at during your run to track your pace and how much distance you have left to cover. 

This helps you to not fall into the trap of starting out too hard, but also helps you stick to your plan throughout the run so you can just focus on the running and what’s ahead of you. You can also set up a fuelling plan and hydration reminders as well. 

Check out our top four essentials your must be tracking during your runs: 

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