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Warming up to good times


Words: Dani Byrnes

Dani is an active and healthy lifestyle champion, fitness advocate, pilates instructor and women’s wellbeing entrepreneur. Her running portfolio includes the New York City Marathon and a number of finishes in the ASICS Half Marathon. This year she will be running in the Gold Coast Marathon.

When you’ve done the hard yards training for the Gold Coast Marathon, your mindset is in hero mode, your marathon outfit is ready and nutrition is sorted, making sure you’re warmed up and ready for an injury-free run on Sunday July 7 is essential.

Whether you’re running for fun or going for that personal best, everyone needs a warm, limber body to get them off the start line.

If you’re going to do anything pre-race, here are three must-dos:

1. Wake up early and have a shake-out run


This is a 10 to 15-minute light jog to warm up your muscles and get the oxygen flowing. It will also kick off your metabolism, ensuring no last minute, pre-race chaos looking for the restroom! After your shake out run, have breakfast two to three hours before the race start time. If there’s one thing worse than running on an empty tummy, it’s a full tummy. This is also a good time to get some more fluids in so you are starting the race well-hydrated and remember to rehydrate along the way at the aid stations.

2. Do dynamic stretches

Dynamic stretches can be done at the start line, but it can be a little tight to stretch once everyone starts to make their way in. Fifteen minutes before you start lining up, it is ideal if you can find a quiet spot near a tree or post where you can do some leg swings, gate-openers, hamstring stretches and lunges. Our arms also have a very important job in maintaining our stride so make sure they don’t get forgotten by incorporating some chest flies, arm circles and shoulder rolls.

Try to avoid static stretches as many researchers have found this could potentially cause niggles or even injury. Keep the dynamic warm up to five to eight minutes – we want to warm up the muscles, not fatigue them.

3. Stay cosy

Luckily for us Gold Coasters, the weather stays warm all year, but it is still important to stay cosy with a jumper or jacket that we can wear right up until race time. If you’ve got supporters on the day, leave your warm clothes with them at the start line, or alternatively, drop them off at the official bag drop in the race precinct. This year at the Gold Coast Marathon, you can leave your warm clothes at the start line and all clothing will be donated to charity.


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