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Garmin Connect

Join our Garmin Connect Group

Stay in touch with everyone training for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon using our Garmin Connect Group.

On our group page you can view or compare activities with other members, interact and invite other friends to join.

Here’s how to join the group:

1. Sign into your free Garmin Connect account

2. Join the Gold Coast Airport Marathon group

Countdown to good times with Garmin and win!

Download the Garmin Countdown! watchface app for your Garmin GPS watch, customise it to the GCAM17 dates and share on social media using #GCAM17, #garminau and #beatyesterday for your chance to win one of two Garmin GPS watches. Follow these steps:

1. Sign in to the your Garmin Account

2. Download the Countdown! watch face via the Garmin Connect IQ Store

3. Add the watch face to your device by choosing it in the drop down menu.*

4. Click ‘Confirm’. The website will read “Got it! Countdown! will be installed the next time your device syncs.”

5. Sync your Garmin.

From your computer:

 1. Make sure you have installed Garmin Express.
2. Set up your device in Garmin Express.
3. Your device will sync with Garmin Express when it’s plugged into your computer.

From your mobile phone:

 1. Get the Garmin Connect Mobile app on your compatible mobile phone.
2. Connect your device to Garmin Connect Mobile via Bluetooth.
3. Your device will automatically sync with Garmin Connect Mobile throughout the day.

6. Visit ‘Settings’. Click ‘Connect IQ™ Apps’. Click ‘Watch Faces’.

7. Click on the ‘Countdown!’ watch face and ‘Install’

8. Once Installed click ‘Settings’

9. Type ‘GCAM17’ in ‘Event name’ and choose either ‘1 July 2017’ or ‘2 July 2017’ in ‘Event date’. Ensure you tick ‘Show remaining time? (<24 hours to event)’.

10. Customise the remaining elements including background and text colour to your liking.

11. Take a photo of your Garmin with the countdown visible on one of your training runs. Post to your social media accounts using #GCAM17, #garminau and #beatyesterday and you’re in the draw to win one of two Garmin GPS Watches!

*Only compatible with select Garmin GPS watches. View compatible devices.

Don’t have a Garmin?

Create your own countdown in a creative way and post to your social media accounts using #GCAM17, #garminau and #beatyesterday and you’re also in the draw to win one of two Garmin GPS Watches.