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After only 30 to 60 minutes of intense exercise, you start eating into your body’s energy stores (known as glycogen stores). You can carb-load in the days leading up to the race and pre-load on the day of the race by consuming 1 g to 4 g of carbs/kg of body weight in the hours leading up to the race to ensure your body is fully topped up for that first hour. However, after that first hour, you’ll need to top-up those energy levels with 60 g to 90 g of carbs each hour after that.

Endura Energy Gels contain 26 g of slow and fast release energy, giving you a rapid energy kick, but also sustained energy to keep you going, so you don’t just peak and crash. Depending on your body weight and metabolism, you’ll need one to two gels every hour after the first hour. Practice using Endura Gels in training, so you know exactly what to expect and what amount suits you best, get your body used to digesting on the run…not to mention the technique of consuming a gel on the run.

There will be a gels available to runners at the 30.5km aid station in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon.

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