Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Gold Coast Airport Marathon

2014 Results


2014 Results

Results for all races including 5km split times in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon and 10km split times in the ASICS Half Marathon are available.

View the 2014 Gold Coast Airport Marathon results.

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The role of hip stability in minimising running injuries

Excessive hip motion during running represents a major injury risk factor for runners. When a runner’s hips move excessively due to hip muscle weakness, the legs of the runner will be subjected to greater loading and strain.


Pat Carroll’s 15 tips for training success

Three-time Australian Commonwealth Games representative, four-time Gold Coast Airport Marathon winner and Australian half marathon all-comers record holder Pat Carroll provides his top 15 training tips to help you reach the start line, ready for personal glory.

Girl Active Launch

Empowering women to run the Gold Coast Airport Marathon one step at a time

Australia’s greatest female distance athlete and four-time Olympian Benita Willis today launched Girl Active, a new City of Gold Coast program which includes Girl Active Running, a running group for women training for next year’s Gold Coast Airport Marathon.

7 reasons to run Gold Coast

7 reasons to Run Gold Coast in 2016

Here are seven reasons why you should take on a personal challenge next year and run Gold Coast!